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30 Soal Bahasa Inggris Teks Fungsional dan Procedure Sederhana

Sebenarnya ada juga expressions di dalam soal ini. Jumlahnya juga lebih dari tiga puluh. Tidak apa-apa ya Pak Bu? Soalnya pendek-pendek kok. Kalau anda ingin mengedit atau memodifikasi juga gampang. Tinggal ganti beberapa kata saja. Yang jelas anda akan mendapatkan contoh soal bahasa inggris tentang teks fungsional dan procedure sederhana.

Soal expressions yang saya maksud ada di nomor-nomor awal. Tepatnya ada tujuh butir soal tentang itu.

A.    Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c, or d !

1.      Lando   :    … that we will go to the beach tomorrow ?
      Danang   :    Absolutly ! I’ve been prepared everything we need.
a.    Do you agree      c. Do you feel
b.   Is that positive    d. What is your opinion

2.      Maman: Um, have you heard that our favorite teacher Mr. Doni is awarded to be the best teacher ?
      Rita : …
      Maman : Yeah, here it is the article in the site. Read it yourself.
      Rita : Wow, it’s great. Let’s congratulate him.
a.   Do you think so ?
b.   Are you sure ?      
c.   Did he tell you ?
d.   Do you trust on him ?

3.      Mrs. Rina   : Okay class, please be quite. Endang, do number three.
      Endang         : …
      Mrs. Riana   : Do number three, please.
      Endang          : Sure, mom.
a.       I beg your pardon, mom.             
b.      I am so sad                                   
c.       That’s very kind of you
d.      I doubt it, mom

4.      Mr. Handoko : Dear, turn down your TV’s volume, please. I think it’s too loud.
      Bambang            : Sorry, can you repeat that, Dad ?
      Mr. Handoko : …
      Bambang            : Sure, I’m sorry, Dad .
a.       Turn down your TV, please ?
b.      Turn on your TV, please ?
c.       Switch off your TV, please ?
d.      Switch on your TV, please ?

  1. … this book if you want to know the answer of this question.
a. Read                        c. Buy
b. Reading                   d. Buying

  1. Dita   : Do you know Nabila ?
Rita   : Yes, I know her. She was my friend in elementary school.
Dita   : She is a clever girl. She always get 10 in almost each test.
Rita   : …
a.       How beautifull she is !     
b.      How diligent she is !        
c.       What a nice girl she is !
d.      What a clever girl she is !

7.                              Eka   : I haven’t done my English assigment.
Zaki  : …
Eka   : I got  fever last night.
a.       What happened to you ?  
b.      What will  you do ?         
c.       How diligent you are
d.      How lazy you are

Text for question number 8 and 9
Dear all,
Please gather at Rina’s house this afternoon. We will discuss a surprise party gor Yoga’s birthday. Don’t forger to bring drinks and snacks because I’m sure the discussion will be long.
  1. Why does the writer send the massage ?
a.  To ask the reader to come to Tina’s house
b.   To ask the reader to come to Yoga’s house
c. To ask the reader to come to Rina’s house
d. To ask the reader to come to Yoga’s party
  1. Why does the writer ask the readers to bring drinks and snacks ?
a.       She assumes the discussion will take time          
b.      She will give them to Yoga
c.       She likes snacks
d.      She needs some food

Text for questions number 10 and 13

Dear : Mr. Wasito
We ..(1).. like to invite you to guide us relating to our ..(2).. of planting jasmine. If you don’t ..(3).., please ..(4).. us in Class IXB, at 04.00 p.m. tomorrow.
Thank you very much.
The students of VIII A

  1. a. Would                     c. Could
b.Will                          d. Should

  1. a.Appointment            c. Agreement
b.Assingnment            d. Arrangement

  1. a.Mean                        c. Mind
b.Main                         d. Mint

  1. a.Met                           c. Mid
b.Meat                         d. Meet

Text for questions number 14 and 15

To : All Operator Staff
There will be a meeting this afternoon March 7 ͭ ͪ 2019 at 02.30 pm.
The meeting will discuss the customer’s order. Please bring the documents needed.
Thank you
General Manager

  1. What will be talked about on the meeting ?
a.       Production process
b.      Customer’s order
c.       Production document
d.      Customer’s complain
  1. Where can you read the announcement ?
a.       In a library           
b.      At school              
c.       In a company
d.      In a post office

Text for questions number 16 and 17

To :
From :
Subject : Re-visit plan
Hi Sun,
I’m happy that you are coming next week.
By the way, you wrote ETA in your last email. I’m wondering what you mean.
Could you explain it, please ?
I’ll pick you up at the airport. Just give me details of your flight.

  1. What is the conclusion taken from the text ?
a.       Mafruroh does not open Suntono’s email
b.      He explains about “ETA” in his email
c.       Suntono has given the details of his email
d.      She will meet with Suntono at the airport

  1. How does Mafruroh feel to know that Suntono is coming ?
a. Sad                          c. Weak
b. Joyfull                     d. Curious

18.  Risa       : First, put the pan on the stove
Nada     : …
Risa       : First, put the pan on the stove. Is it clear ?
Nada     : Of course
a.       Could you repeat that, please ?
b.      I will repeat it
c.       Will you follow me ?
d.      Go it ?

  1. … the door, so we can talk in private.
a.       Close                     c. Open
b.      Don’t close            d. Don’t open

20.  Galih     :    Agung, are you sure that we are going to have an English test next Saturday ?
      Agung   :    … we’ve finished lesson 4, haven’t we ?
a.       I hope so                c. I am certain
b.      I doubt                   d. I agree with you

Text for questions number 21 and 22 

How to Clean an LCD Screen
ü  Shake up the detergent and put it 15 – 20 cm away from the LCD screen
ü  Spray on the LCD screen surface directly
ü  Cleanse gently using the fabric cleanser or brush
You can also do the following steps :
a)      Spray the detergent on the fabric cleanser
b)      Clean the LCD screen surface to make it as bright as a new one

  1. What should you do to detergent first ?
a.       Spray it                              c. Clean it
b.      Put it away                         d. Shake it up

  1. Before cleaning the screen surface, we spray the detergent on the screen surface directly or spray it on…
a. Our fingers                          c. The paper
b. The fabric cleanser             d. The brush

Text for questions number 23 and 25

Wedang Ronde Recipe
Ingredients :
·         150 grams of glutinous rice
·         2 teaspoons sago flour
·         Salt
·         25 cc betel lime liquid
·         50 cc warm water
ü  50 grams peanuts with granulated sugar (brown sugar)
Ginger sauce
1 liter water
3 tablespoons ginger, minced
3 stalks lemongrass, cut into 3 pieces each and bruised
2 pandan leaves, shredded and tied into knots
200 grams granulated sugar
1.      Skin : mix glutinous rice flour and salt. Add betel  lime liquid and warm water a little at a time, knead until the dough can be shaped. Divide into 2 – 3 parts, each dyed a different color
2.      Make balls as big as quail’s eggs, flatten and place filling in the center. Close up the dough and reshape into balls
3.      Cook balls in the boiling water until they float and are done. Drain.
4.      Ginger souce : boil water and ingredients in a covered saucepan o low heat for 30 minutes until the aroma is quite strong. Sieve.
5.      Put the balls in the ginger sauce and serve.

  1. When should we remove the alls from the boiling water ?
a.       After they float on the water surface
b.      Before they change shape            
c.       After they turn brown
d.      When they are soft

  1. How many ingredients do we need to make ginger sauce ?
a.       One                       c. Five
b.      Ten                        d. eleven

  1. Wedang ronde uses ginger as one of the main ingredients and it creates warmth in our bodies. In what weather condition are people best drink such a beverage ?
a.       Cold                      c. Summer
b.      Warm                    d. Hot

Text for questions number 26 and 28

To all Jambore teams
Since the Jamboree will begin on the next three days, all the teams must be ready for intensive training.
Meet your trainer for more information and the schedule of training. We want the best.
Demak,  January 7, 2019
The Manager

  1. The Jambore will be held on …
a. January 7, 2019
b. January 11, 2019
c. January 4, 2019
d. January 10, 2019

  1. The point of the announcement is …
a.       All the teams must be ready for intensive training
b.      All the teams must be succeed on the Jambore
c.       All the teams must arrange the schedule
d.      All the teams may not practice hard

  1. “… and the schedule of training”
The word “training” has the closest meaning with …
a.       Practice                 c. Competition
b.      Match                    d. Porseni

Silahkan baca juga English Game sederhana dan menarik

B.     ESSAY

The following text for no. 1 and 2

Dear Nafla,
This afternoon, I have to see a dentist.
I ask you to put the meat in the oven at 06.00 p.m.
so that it will be ready for our dinner.
Thank you dear.

  1. What must Nafla do at 06.00 p.m ?
  2. Where does Mommy go ?
  3. Create an advertisement text bassed on this picture and clue words ?

ü  Fresh
ü  Health
ü  Natural 

  1. Complete this dialog using repetition expression !
Teacher    : Tiara, who is absent today ?
Tiara        : Andi, Heru and Diana, mom.
Teacher    : … ? I didn’t catch the last name.
Tiara        : Diana, mom.
Teacher    : Thank you.

  1. Arrange the following sentences into a meaningful passage.
How to operate washing machine
a.       First, plug in the power to the outlet
b.      When you finished washing select “DRAIN” to drain the water out
c.       Finally, put the clothes into spin dryer
d.      Open the water tap and fill the wash tub with water
e.       Set the drain selector to “wash/rinse” position
f.        Put a decent amount of detergent together with the clothes into the tub
g.      Set the desired time

Sudah habis. Itu tadi semua soalnya. Jelek ya? Saya berterima kasih sekali kalau anda berkenan memberi kritikan melalui kolom komentar.

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